Creative Halloween Hunts: Pursuit for the Witch’s Brew

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A treasure hunting activity can be both fun and educational for kids. This allows them to be engaged in a different level of creativity as well as establish camaraderie among family members. More importantly, this trains young ones to deal with directions more carefully.

Scavenging pursuits can be done almost anywhere and at any occasion. However, most people say that Halloween is still the best time for them. This is because during those times, everybody is in a festive mood, and the people’s interests for recreational activities like treasure hunts are all up.

Halloween makes people of all ages exert effort and creativeness in wearing spooky costumes, in trick-or-treating, in visiting haunted attractions, in carving jack-o’-lanterns and in decorating their offices and homes. Moreover, the mood also makes them, especially the children, enthusiastic for some treasure hunt challenge. However, the mood, creative designs, and colorful costumes are just some of the elements that can influence the success of the event. Certainly, the prep work of the hosts done beforehand can also make the hunt even more memorable.

According to party organizers, one effective way of making a superb hunting blast is by choosing a unique theme that can tickle the imagination of kids. As suggested, event hosts can do an inventive quest for the ingredients of a witch’s brew. As the main aim of this Halloween treasure hunt, kids can be tasked to locate witchy type of items that can possibly be used to create an imaginary magical potion.

For instance, an animal bone toy, green slime, dried twigs, and imitations of body parts such as eyes or fingers, can be included on the list for the said Halloween treasure hunt. There are several stores that manufacture these creepy-looking items together with other props that can be used for the activity. To make more realistic for the young participants, they may dress up as little witches and put the accumulated items into a cauldron.

Parents or event organizers must not worry about the pressure of all these necessary details. There are already some downloadable computer programs that are specially designed to make Halloween treasure hunt preparations easier even for the busiest moms and dads. With just a few clicks, printable clues for the missing ingredients of the “witches’ brew” can already be acquired.

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Creative Halloween Hunts: Pursuit for the Witch’s Brew

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Creative Halloween Hunts: Pursuit for the Witch’s Brew

This article was published on 2011/10/06